I’ve been noticing so many things come my way about the various psychedelic offerings. Have you? Every time I open my Facebook app on my phone its littered with workshops, talks, courses etc! Such cool stuff! I follow so many great though provoking leaders and advocates of the psychedelic revolution that I get lost in the offerings!

I want to attend them all! However, when I really think about it there is absolutely no way. Time? What’s time? HA! I still have a household to run, a job to go to, and managing two teenagers in online schooling.

I wonder if that happens to you as well. How in the world am I supposed to read all the amazing books, attend the courses, and stay up to date on all the amazing things in the world of psychedelics and healing. It feels overwhelming!

Then I realize I don’t have to know all the things or attend all the talks and sign up for every last event. The things I do need will present themselves to me in perfect timing.

That’s the thing. I’ve spent most of my adult life pushing to make things happen. Orchestrating and planning to the last minute of my day. Stressing mySelf out. I’m frantic and grouchy when my plate is to full.

The awareness psychedelics gave me was really a lesson in surrendering and trusting. Not just in the medicine journey but in my day to day 3rd dimensional existence as well. What relief I attained by integrating that lesson.



As for now, I still signed up for all the things, but I don’t have any attachment to whether or not I will be available to attend. Don’t get me wrong, If something is extra cool I will take that extra step to schedule it in. Otherwise, If it happens it happens and I’m ok with that.


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