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More about Kelli Mack

I am

I am

a mother

a partner

a lover

a priestess

a traveler of the subconscious

a psychonaut*, music lover, flow artist, mystic, the list continues…

I have also spent the past decade in corporate America.

Psychedelics are not just for trippy hippies and burners. They are available for every lifestyle and walk of life. I am proof that anyone, yes anyone, can benefit from the profound growth and healing by working with spirit medicines.

Jumping right into the expectations of my parents I entered into “normal life”. Stuffing myself into the box of what a productive member of society should “look” like.

Go to college, get a job, kids, house, car payments, vacations. This was the blueprint most of us are bought into. Falling into the programming I lost track of my desires and creative drive.

Enter Psychedelics. This is how I experienced it. My light, that once was bright and expansive in my maiden years was clouded and dim. Psilocybin, the sacred mushroom reached into my subconscious, took out her feather duster and proceeded to brush off the dust from an old lantern that was tucked away in there. She opened some windows and stirred up the energy. Ahhh there you are, she whispered.

Here I am now 10 plus years later, still working, still doing the family and wife thing. Showing up in my integrity for what I believe and pondering on how to be of service to the world. Life isn't grey and robotic anymore. We all hold the power to change the things that don't align with our purpose. If you don't know what your purpose is, well I can tell you there is a way to tap into it.

We can always start where we are. Breaking patterns and conditionings is hard work. Psychedelics can help. I can help.

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