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Creating a personal practice

If you are unfamiliar with the practice of microdosing I’d like to invite you to keep an open mind. Here I am speaking about microdosing with psilocybin but there are many psychedelics that you can use for a wide range of self growth opportunities.

Microdosing is the process of taking a exceedingly small amount, of psilocybin on specific schedule for a period of a few weeks. These mini doses, or microdoses are sub-perceptual. Meaning that you shouldn’t feel any psychedelic effects.

You might however feel a rush of euphoria and peace as the mushroom spirit enters your system. This doesn’t impair your day in fact its quite the opposite. You might find that your energy increases, your focus is better, and that you have more creativity as you continue the microdosing protocol.

Microdosing a psychedelic with intention and respect will allow us to gain greater insights into ourselves. The mushroom spirit makes the threshold between the conscious and the unconscious more fluid, bringing unconscious material to the surface of your awareness for you to notice in a very gentle and loving way.

Our observer self is more available to us to perceive the default operating mode of our mind. Patterns, stories and reactions can be noticed objectively from this place. I call this space the observer self. Thus, giving us the ability to pause, in that moment of heightened awareness, and decide how to move forward. Stay in our story? Or choose another path.

Microdosing isn't quite the same as sitting in full ceremony. It can however be a very powerful practice if proceeded with intention and reverence for the medicine.

I would like to share with you my personal practice of microdosing:

  • Set an intention, what are you requesting help with, what are you hoping to gain from working with the medicine.  Reflect on this through meditation and/or journaling
  • Microdose in the morning, not just as you leave for your day but closer to when you arise.  Begin with a moment of stillness and thank the spirit of the medicine for assisting you in your work, for deepened insights and heightened mindfulness
  • Create about ½ hour of ritual for yourself after you dose, this could be silent meditation, listening to music, having coffee on the porch, or something that fills your cup.  Avoid TV, the news, or your social media during this time
  • Move through the rest of your day be aware how the medicine is working through you, makes notes in your journal for later reflection
  • Dose every 3rd day for a month then break for a week

You will learn during your dosing schedule that your first day will be “quite a good day”, day two typically is reflection and the tenderals of day one. Day 3 is your opportunity to pull the insights through and practice living that feeling. This is an amazing medicine and not all experiences are the same. Please know this is just a tool and my personal framework for working with the mushroom microdosing protocol.

I would also like to mention that while microdosing is a wonderful way to continue your work, a macrodose or full dose and intentional journey is where the real healing begins. Many choose to go this route first, get their toes wet and that is perfectly fine. For a longer discussion if micro-dosing or a macro-dose is right for you please utilize my 30 minute free consultation, I would be happy to chat with you.

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