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What is Psychedelic Integration

Psychedelic Integration: “A successful application of psychedelic insights for the purpose of individual growth and expansion.” - Shiri Malcom Godassi

Psychedelic experiences are profound and ineffable (incapable of being expressed in words). They have the ability to let you glimpse behind the veil ordinary reality into the realms of your unconscious.

They allow you to explore dimensions, to have profound spiritual experiences. Insights, inner wisdom's, or past traumas can be unleashed into your awareness. Giving you alternative frames in which to view life through. Gaining a deeper understanding of the universe and your part within the whole...

I’m not joking here. These are profound and mind-expanding experiences. When medicines slowly release their hold and you drift back into this reality, now what? Can you hold all of what you just experienced alone? Few walk away from a psychedelic experience unchanged. I mean look at Mike Tyson. I dare you.

So that's where an integration guides come in. The nature of reality and the nature of our minds can be tricky after a psychedelic trip. Especially if you are new to psychedelics. It is almost a shame to let it all go un-actualized. Working with a guide will allow you to make the most of your experience, for self-actualization and creating your future self.

Many choose to go it alone. I did too. However, looking back, I really wish I didn't have to jump into the deep end without a floaty. A psychedelic integration guide, aka your floaty, can help you prepare and implement the messages of the psychedelic teacher.

To attain results from our journeys we must engage with the experience. The healing comes through our efforts and commitments to doing the work. This is what an integration guide will help you do.

Jumping into the sea of your unconscious?

How well do you swim?

Do you need a floaty?

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