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    So glad you found me. I am Kelli, a psychedelic explorer, ritualist, intuitive and spiritual healer. I work with individuals interested in the world of psychedelic healing, intuitive guidance, energy and divination as a form of personal growth and transformation.


    Drawing from my own psychedelic journeys, various spiritual foundations, personal practices, and training's, I am committed to your growth and wellness on your journey through life. To guide you through the intentional use, preparation, and integration of altered states using a variety of methods tailored specifically to each individual.


    My offerings and coaching approach have been created to support you through the process of embodying your personal truth. As your coach I offer techniques for addressing and rewriting stories in a supportive and safe container.


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  • Offerings

    Payment options include: Bitcoin, Venmo, & PayPal


    Intuitive Healing Session

    Intuitive Sessions are tailored to the individuals needs and will vary each time. We will create a container to dive into whatever guidance needs to surface and may include:


    Oracle, tarot & divination readings

    Guided meditation and visualizations

    Energetic clearing and rebalancing

    Spell Work or releasing ceremony

    Connecting with spirit guides or helpers



    We discuss what areas or themes are up for the individual and decide from there which direction we go.


    You will leave with clarity, support and channeled messages from your guides, energetically tuned up and empowered.


    $60 for 1 - 1.5 hours
    Psychedelic Coaching

    Psychedelic Coaching

    2 Month Commitment

    Intimate one on one preparation for individuals wanting to experience the life changing benefits of psychedelics and psychedelic creation coaching.


    Maximize the benefits of your journey work or microdosing protocol with intentional preparation.


    Gain clarity, discover purpose, and make room for your Higher Self to speak while ego is at rest.


    Beneficial for those wanting guidance through psychedelic journey-work or microdosing.


    Together we will prepare you for intentional psychedelic journeys, address areas of personal concern and create a ceremony tailored to you.


    Please reach out for more information regarding pricing and scheduling. Currently only serving clients in the North Coast area of OR however if you would like to work remotely via zoom that can be arranged.




    Free Emergency Session

    Reach out now

    Created as a free offering for individuals needing support with psychedelic experiences that might have been challenging or overwhelming.


    Beneficial for those searching for support outside their immediate circle or from someone well traveled in psychedelic spaces.


    This offering is a one time session to get clarity, support and immediate tools for integration.


    • Reflection on recent medicine journey

    • Supportive space for discussion on themes and visions

    • Immediate Integration tools and techniques

    • Discernment on insights and possible action steps

    • Opportunity for further coaching available

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