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  • With the intentional use of psychedelics we will journey into your unconscious mind & free the truest expression of yourself.


  • About Kelli

    Psychedelic Integration Creation Guide & Spiritual Healer, Sacred Space Holder

    Kelli Mack

    Hello and welcome!


    So glad you found me. I am Kelli, a psychedelic explorer and integration guide working with individuals and groups interested in the world of psychedelic healing and creation. As a certified psychedelic guide, I am trained in supporting individuals through the transformational work psychedelics can offer.


    Drawing from my own psychedelic journeys, various spiritual foundations, personal practices, and training's, I will guide you through the intentional use, preparation, and integration of psychedelic journeys. It is extraordinarily beneficial for individuals looking for personal and spiritual development to work with a guide and I am dedicated to helping you through that process.


    My offerings and coaching approach have been created to support you through the process of exploring your unconscious, creating a dialogue with your own inner healer, and opening to the wisdom that the psychedelic teacher has to offer.


    I will be your guide and anchor, your safe place to tether while traversing the beauty of your mind. I offer techniques for addressing and rewriting stories in a supportive and safe container.


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  • You have heard about the benefits of psychedelics popping up everywhere.


    Online, in the media, from your friends. Its quite the buzz currently with new studies being shared almost weekly about the extraordinary healing psychedelics can offer.


    Studies from major universities such as Johns Hopkins that show how the intentional use of psychedelics can help ease anxiety, treatment resistant depression, addictions, smoking cessation, and even eliminate PTSD symptoms.


    The psychedelic renaissance is here. More and more people are turning to psychedelics for life changing transformation and breakthroughs that traditional talk therapy alone could take months if not years to reach. Combining the two is where true momentum is achieved.


    Psychedelic experiences and journeys have shown to be among the topmost meaningful experiences in a person’s life when approached with intention and the assistance a skilled guide and coach.


    Indigenous cultures have been using different mind altering substances for millennia. This modality is not a new concept. These medicines reach far into our past and the psychedelic reemergence in our society is catching momentum once again.


    You're intrigued. You might even have had psychedelic experiences in the past and can relate to the magical and mystical states they offer. Or maybe you have had a challenging experience and swore to never touch them again. I urge you to stay open and keep reading.


    Combining psychedelics with intention and in a ceremonial container can give you access to profound healing and can greatly reduce the chances for a “bad trip”. A psychedelic integration coach like myself can help you make the most of your psychedelic experiences, achieve true transformation and healing, and greatly reduce the chances for a challenging trip.


    Without a guide most psychedelic experiences are just that, experiences. Memories of a vast and wondrous world. A return to your default mode without integration of the experience can lead to a lost opportunity to maximize the benefits of such experiences. Working with a coach you will be able to maintain the experience and work towards your own personal transformation.


    I offer a few different sessions for individuals and groups who wish to experience psychedelics in a new, supported, and transformative way. During the age of corona, most sessions will be online through video meetings.


    Opportunities for face to face in natural outdoor settings is also possible for those in the Portland, OR and SW Washington areas.




  • Offerings

    Payment options include: Bitcoin, Venmo, & PayPal

    Psychedelic Coaching

    Psychedelic Coaching

    3 or 6 Month Commitment

    Intimate one on one preparation for individuals wanting to experience the life changing benefits of psychedelics and psychedelic creation coaching.


    Maximize the benefits of your journey work with intentional preparation. Gain clarity, discover purpose, and make room for your true Self to speak without ego taking up all the air time.


    Beneficial for those wanting guidance through psychedelic journey-work.


    Together we will prepare for intentional journeys.


    Together we address areas of personal concern.


    Together we create ritual tailored to you.


    Open to the guidance of the plant teacher,

    and together work through the material.


    Please reach out for more information.




    Free Emergency Session

    Reach out now

    Created as a free offering for individuals needing support with psychedelic experiences that might have been challenging or overwhelming.


    Beneficial for those searching for support outside their immediate circle or from someone well traveled in psychedelic spaces.


    This offering is a one time session to get clarity, support and immediate tools for integration.


    • Reflection on recent medicine journey

    • Supportive space for discussion on themes and visions

    • Immediate Integration tools and techniques

    • Discernment on insights and possible action steps

    • Opportunity for further coaching available

    Psychedelic Circle

    Psychedelic Integration Circle

    Online Event

    PNW Psychedelic Integration Circle has been created as a place for like minded individuals to gather and share psychedelic experiences and how they transformed their life. A place to connect and share in a safe and supporting container.


    This is a free event. All are welcome who are interested in the healing possibilities that psychedelics offer. Whether you are an experienced psychonaut or just getting your feet wet please join us. All we ask that you be kind always and keep the groups, anonymity sacred.


    Our goal is to facilitate connection in the beautiful PNW and beyond. To support the integration process of profound psychedelic experiences, and to encourage conversation of consciousness expanding substances for individual and collective healing. Come share your stories, ask questions, and connect to fellow explorers.


    Click here to be directed to the Facebook Event

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